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"NO cheap stuff" is our policy. Which is why our price are high but we don’t compromise with quality!! At Trogen horse customs, we think you deserve the best. And your bike has got to be the best. Of course, your budget is also considered by us very importantly!

We like the customer and their needs to be the centre of any purchase. Budgeting for your new bike is the most important step on road to a successful build.

Building or customizing a motorcycle will cost much of your hard earned money and we take a very practical approach to customizing. Budgeting is an essential aspect to determine
how much your plans will cost and
How much you want to spend.
3. Our basic model (Nestor) starts from 1.30 Lacs with your bike.

We will do our best to ensure the most cost effective solution to your needs are planned and agreed. Our knowledge will sometimes tell us to advise you not to proceed and at all times we will be open and honest with you.

We will give you a quotation and keep to it. Any changes during the work will be discussed and agreed to your satisfaction. We will agree a payment plan with you.

No job is too small for us. We are small enough to understand and deal with limited budgets and can respond as a big company should in relation to ambitious and more expensive designs.

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